All Outschool courses are recorded so that students, parents, and our team can review them if necessary: 

Sometimes a parent will request a recording of a class session a student has missed. Please note that recordings can take up to four hours to populate, so you may not be able to share a recording as soon as a class has finished. You can opt to receive emails from us that let you know whenever a recording is ready.

In order to share a recording, visit the section you wish to share. Click into the recordings tab to view all recordings made of that section.

Click on the recording you wish to share. Note that you must agree to our privacy policy before viewing each recording.

Once clicked, the recording will then appear. You may share the recording by sending this page's url to the parent.

Please note that you will only be able to share recordings with students and parents who are registered for that particular section in keeping with our privacy policy. If a course you're teaching has multiple sections, you may only share a recording of the section that the parent has enrolled in. You can read more about our recording policies here

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