Outschool is designed so that a parent is the primary account holder.  At this time, your Outschool account can only be attached to a single email address, so it should be set up with the email address of the person who will be purchasing Outschool classes. Learners then access classes through the parent account. 

Parents can set up profiles for each of their learners under the umbrella of the parent account. Learner profiles can be added or edited from your account settings page

Learner profiles include:

  • name
  • age
  • preferred pronouns (“How should the teacher refer to your learner?”)
  • optional email for the learner to receive class notifications

Since learner profiles take in a numerical age instead of a learner birthdate, they will need to be updated to reflect your learner's current age.

For the pronoun section, you can either choose “he,” “she” or “they” as your learner’s pronoun or leave the option blank so that no pronoun is selected. While you’re on the settings page, make sure that you have the correct age selected for your learners. You can also choose an avatar that will appear next to their name in messages or classroom comments.

If a pronoun is set, it is shown to teachers in their view of enrolled learners: “She was enrolled by…/They were enrolled by…/He was enrolled by…” If the pronoun is not set (or set to the blank value), the teacher view just uses the current language of “Enrolled by…”

You can edit your learner's profile by clicking the "settings" button next to their name. If you wish to delete a learner profile, please contact us at support@outschool.com.

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