If your learner is enrolled at a charter school home-study program, the school may make funds available for you to spend on learning materials and service providers such as online classes with Outschool.

Charter school policies vary, so check with your educational specialist on what funds are available and the process to access them.

Outschool supports the use of charter school funds in these ways:

Receipts for reimbursement

Some charter schools require a receipt after the class has been taken to reimburse you for the cost. Enroll and pay for the class to confirm your spot. Then email support@outschool.com after the class has completed for a receipt.

Approved vendor programs

Some charter schools require vendors to be pre-approved before you can use the funds they provide. 

Outschool is pre-approved for:

To use these charter schools' funds on Outschool classes, email your educational specialist and support@outschool.com with details of the classes you would like to enroll for. We will confirm the enrollment once the school provides a purchase order.

If your charter school is not on this list, email us at support@outschool.com and we will start the process to become an approved vendor with your school.

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