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Trademark Guidelines for Educators on Using Outschool's Name and Logo
Trademark Guidelines for Educators on Using Outschool's Name and Logo

Information for educators on proper usage of Outschool assets.

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Outschool’s name, trademark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Outschool, Inc. As an Outschool educator, you may want to use our name and/or logo to promote your approved Outschool classes, and we welcome you to do so as long as you adhere to the requirements outlined below. Please note that usage of these assets should be solely for class promotion and does not represent employment or affiliation with Outschool beyond the teaching relationship outlined in our terms of service. If our team finds that you are misusing our name, trademark and/or logo, you will be asked to comply with these requirements or to stop using Outschool’s name, trademark and logo. Outschool also reserves the right to review and advise on your use of the Outschool name, trademark and/or logo and to revise these guidelines in the future, as warranted.

  • Outschool’s name, trademark and/or logo should only be used to advertise your listed Outschool classes that have been approved by Outschool. You may not use our name, trademark and/or logo to promote courses or services not approved by Outschool and those which are offered by you outside of Outschool’s platform.

  • Do not alter or modify Outschool’s name, trademark and/or logo. You can find approved Outschool assets here (Password: OSLOGOS). Every use of the name/trademark should include the circled R, and every use of the logo should include the ™, as pictured below.

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