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Gaining insight into instructor performance with data

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Organization administrators on Outschool can use the Operations tab within the Manage pages to access information to manage your instructors more effectively. You can find this data next to the Stats tab, where the rest of your organizational data is housed..

This data is intended to give you a better understanding of your instructors’ performance and includes metrics relating to their class history and their attendance. In the “Operations” tab, you’ll find two tables, one titled Teacher Details List and another titled Class Start Times.

Teacher Details List

This table includes a row for each of the instructors who teach for your organization. Each row includes the instructor’s average rating, how many sections and enrollments they’ve had, and their attendance record. Teachers are marked as late in these operational stats if they begin the meeting more than 3 minutes after the scheduled start time.

The table will only show data from the last 30 days by default, but you can adjust the date range by changing the filter in the top left. You can also download the full table you’re viewing using the Download CSV button in the bottom right.

Class Start Times

This table includes a row for each class meeting you have scheduled, reporting who the assigned instructor is and whether or not the class has started on time, late, or not at all.

You can use this tool in real-time to confirm if the classes you’ve scheduled have been started by the instructor.

The "Started this week" filter shows you meetings that were scheduled to take place in the last 7 days. "Happening Today" shows you meetings that are taking place currently, or will take place later today.

Both tables can be sorted by clicking on the header of any column of the table.

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