Welcome! We are excited that you want to teach on Outschool! Please take the time to create a quality application. We’ve put together some tips to help you put your best foot forward in the teacher application.

Review Process:

Our team reviews all teacher applications that are submitted. We are looking for teachers who:

  • Have experience working with young learners or are excited to learn

  • Are experts in their field and have knowledge and passion to share

  • Bring creative and original class ideas

  • Have excellent written communication skills

  • Are ready to provide stellar customer service to Outschool families

  • Are full-time residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada

Once your application has been received, you can expect to hear back from us within a few days. If your application has been approved, you will be invited to complete a background check. If your application is declined, you are able to reapply at any time.

General Tips:

Our team receives many applications from prospective teachers. Remember to put your best foot forward and make your application stand out! Here are some best practices:

  1. Checking spelling and grammar: When we look at your application, we are considering whether you will be able to list and lead classes on the platform. Make sure to write clearly and in full sentences. Before submitting, you should be sure to check your application for errors.

  2. Provide detailed information: Our team uses this application to get to know you and decide if you will be a good fit for the platform. Take the time to share detailed and relevant information about your experience, expertise, and class ideas. Remember: we may not be familiar with all of the organizations, institutions, and degrees out there; the more information that you can provide, the easier it will be for our team to see your potential!

  3. Get creative: help your application stand out with creative and original class ideas. Consider how you will market your ideas to families, and to us! Most importantly: all of the content and ideas on the application should be your own.

  4. Don’t forget the video: the video lesson gives our team the opportunity to see what your Outschool classes might be like! Teach us something new, demo one of your favorite classroom activities, or even teach your sample lesson to someone in your household. Make sure to choose a professional space with great lighting. We recommend practicing your sample lesson a few times before recording so that you can get comfortable.

Sample Applications:

Here are some great (and not-so-great) answers to help you get an idea of what we’re looking for. Please note that these have been fabricated and do not represent actual material received by our team.

Question 1: Please list all of the experience you have teaching or working with youth, whether as a professional, a volunteer, or in your personal life. Our teachers come from a variety of professional backgrounds - share anything you think we should know!

Be specific with how long you’ve worked with youth, the subjects you’ve taught, and the ages of learners you’ve worked with.

  • Great: Though I do not have formal teaching degrees, I have been teaching in some capacity for many years. I have volunteered with a local non-profit as a reading tutor for 10 years. Then, I began homeschooling my own children in 2007 and have been teaching classes at our local homeschool coop since 2010. I create curriculum for and teach all levels of math (number sense, basic arithmetic, geometry) for elementary age children (6-10). The size of these classes is usually 5-10 students.

  • Ok: I’ve homeschooled my own children for 13 years and teach math in our coop.

  • Needs work: I homeschool my children and teach classes

Question 2: Please list any academic degrees, teaching credentials (current or expired), professional training, or other relevant professional certifications you hold. We do not require degrees to teach on Outschool - include anything that will help us learn more about your background.

Please include year, subject, state or institution, and any relevant information about the degree or credential we should know.

  • Great: I received my bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 2004 from Ohio State University, which gives me a firm grasp of mathematical concepts and physics. My degree program also included a great deal of hands-on experience, so I am confident using shop tools to do some metal and factory work. I have continued to work in this field for the last 16 years.

  • OK: Bachelors in mechanical engineering, Ohio State University, 2004

  • Needs work: BS Ohio State University, 2004

Question 3: Outschool teachers create their own classes. What topics are you passionate about teaching? Which ages of learners do you want to work with? What experience or expertise do you have in these subject areas?

Be specific with how long you’ve worked with youth, the subjects you’ve taught, and the ages of learners you’ve worked with.

  • Great: I want to teach classes on baking, cake decoration, and pastry techniques. Though I do not have a formal education in baking and cake decorating, I have always loved to cook. I started baking cakes and pastries for family and friends when I was as young as 8. Now, I run a small-scale bakery business. See my personal website linked above for more information about my pastry business and cake decoration portfolio!

  • OK: I want to teach classes on baking and cake decorating. I have a cake decorating business. See my website for more details.

  • Needs work: Cakes - I am a cake decorator.

Question 4: Now that you’ve told us what you want to teach, let us know what your class will look like! Write a class description below. You should write this description as though it is for prospective families. Include information about what you will teach, how you will teach it, and what learners should expect from class time. This field is only for our team and will not be published on the site.

This section should be at least a paragraph long. Not sure where to start? Check out our sample class listings for new teachers!

  • Great: (ages 6-9) Ready to rock n’ roll? In this 4 week class, we will meet our inner Isaac Newton as we explore the forces of physics and the 6 simple machines. This will be a messy, hands-on class perfect for budding scientists ready to learn the basics of physics. No prior knowledge is required - just curiosity!
    Week 1 - Push and Pull: Learners will conduct a few short experiments at home to explore push and pull forces. We will discuss the engineering design process and learn how to use it to experiment and answer questions. Learners will need to provide some rope or string.
    Week 2 - Going up? (Inclined plane, wheel, and pulleys): Learners will start using the first 3 simple machines! First, we will watch a short video that describes the history and use of these 3 simple machines. Then, learners will use household materials to investigate how these machines help us do physical work.
    Week 3 - People power! (Screw, wedge, lever and fulcrum): Learners will be introduced to the second set of 6 simple machines. We will watch a short video that describes the history and use of these 3 simple machines. Then, learners will use household materials to investigate how these machines help us do physical work.
    Week 4 - Marvelous Marble Maze : Now that learners have experienced the 6 simple machines and mastered the laws of physics, they will mix and match simple machines to create a marvelous marble maze! Learners will share their marble mazes in a virtual gallery walk.

  • OK: 4 week class ages 6-9 - Learn about physics and simple machines. This class will be hands-on. Learners will do projects to learn about simple machines and then combine simple machines to make a marble maze. This class will cover concepts like push and pull forces, physical work, gravity, and more.

  • Needs work: Hands-on physics, 4 weeks

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