Creating a Great Teacher Application

Insights into our teacher review process and how to create a great application.

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Welcome! We are excited that you want to teach on Outschool! Please take the time to create a quality application. We’ve put together some tips to help you put your best foot forward in the teacher application. Note that this article covers the application process for individual teachers; see this article for information on applying as an Outschool organization.

Review Process:

Our team reviews all teacher applications that are submitted. We are looking for teachers who:

  • Have experience working with young learners or are excited to learn

  • Are experts in their field and have knowledge and passion to share

  • Bring creative and original class ideas

  • Have excellent written communication skills

  • Are ready to provide stellar customer service to Outschool families

  • Are full-time residents of the 50 United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, England, and Wales.

Once your application has been received, you can expect to hear back from us within a few days. Please note that applications must be written in English. If your application has been approved, you will be invited to complete a background check and teacher identity verification. If your application is declined, you are able to reapply at any time. We allow up to 3 submissions.

The foregoing does not pertain to teachers who were removed from the Outschool platform for violating our Terms of Service and or Community Standards. Teachers who have been removed, are not eligible to reapply to the platform at this time.

General Tips:

Our team receives many applications from prospective teachers. Remember to put your best foot forward and make your application stand out!

Here are some best practices, and you can always check out our sample applications for potential teachers:

  1. Checking spelling and grammar: When we look at your application, we are considering whether you will be able to list and lead classes on the platform. Make sure to write clearly and in full sentences. Before submitting, you should be sure to check your application for errors.

  2. Provide detailed information: Our team uses this application to get to know you and decide if you will be a good fit for the platform. Take the time to share detailed and relevant information about your experience, expertise, and class ideas. The information you provide here should be in line with the classes you plan to teach on Outschool. Remember: we may not be familiar with all of the organizations, institutions, and degrees out there; the more information that you can provide, the easier it will be for our team to see your potential!

  3. Get creative: help your application stand out with creative and original class ideas. Consider how you will market your ideas to families, and to us! Most importantly: all of the content and ideas on the application should be your own.

  4. Don’t forget the video: the video lesson gives our team the opportunity to see what your Outschool classes might be like! Teach us something new, demo one of your favorite classroom activities, or even teach your sample lesson to someone in your household. If you plan to teach a skill on Outschool, please show examples or even demonstrate it in your video. Make sure to choose a professional space with great lighting. We recommend practicing your sample lesson a few times before recording so that you can get comfortable.

  5. Individual teachers only: If your intention is to apply as an organization, there is a separate application for that. When completing the teacher application, please be clear in your intention to be a solo teacher by avoiding “we” when describing your capabilities and experience. Additionally, be sure to only include personal information in your application and avoid including another educator or adult in your welcome or sample class video.

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