As Outschool learners continue to make friends around the world, some families have begun to request virtual parties as Outschool classes to celebrate birthdays or other milestones! We don’t yet have a specific class format for parties, but this article will walk you through the logistics of setting up a private party through our current system. We’ll share some tips for success as well!

If you're a parent looking for a virtual birthday party, start by contacting one of your Outschool teachers to schedule a time

How to set up a party

First, start with your class listing. Most teachers get started with parties when they receive a request via message about an existing one-time class. This is great because the party will automatically have a theme based on the class topic! Others have listed a brand new class with a specific theme (e.g. Watercolor Birthday Party, Anime Birthday Party, etc.). We recommend a one-time class for your format.

* If you decide to list a brand new class, keep our standards in mind. Class listings are public, so do not include kids’ names or other personal details.

For security and safety reasons, each parent must sign up for their own Outschool account. When a parent signs up on Outschool, we record their agreement with our Terms of Service, which helps set expectations about the privacy of their children and more. If the organizing parent wants to pay on behalf of all the participants, follow this process:

  • Create a private section at the time you’ve agreed upon with the organizing parent.
  • On the section edit page, change the price of the section to the price that you agreed upon with the parent (for this example, we will assume you’ve agreed to $100 USD total)
  • Copy the link on the section edit page and share it with the organizing parent. Only parents who have that direct link can see and enroll in the private section that you’ve created. With the link they will be able to enroll in this section, and they will be asked to pay the price you’ve set on the section edit page.
  • Once the parent has signed up for the class, you can go back to the section edit page and drop the price to $1 USD. Parents that sign up for this private section from this point on will only be charged $1 USD.

  • You can ask the parent to share the link you’ve already provided on step 3, or you can copy it again from the section edit page. Only parents with this direct link will be able to enroll in this section.

If the organizing parent does not want to pay on behalf of all participants, simply skip the step of changing the price, and ask them to enroll via the link on the section edit page.

When the date for the party gets closer, check in with the primary parent so that they can confirm if all their friends enrolled!

* As an Outschool teacher, please remember that you must keep communication on Outschool.

Tips for throwing a great party!

Now this is the fun part. :) You’re ready to party! Below, you’ll find some tips to keep things fun:

  • Get ideas from the organizing parent and learner(s). Maybe they want to paint their favorite animal, or maybe they want to listen to their favorite song once during the party. Incorporating something like that helps give the party a personal touch!
  • Keep your usual classroom rules, but focus on interaction. You might want to continue utilizing the mute button for background noise with specific learners, but you should also give everyone a chance to participate and have fun! Remember, it’s a party not a lecture!

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