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Sample Class Listings for New Educators
Sample Class Listings for New Educators

Examples of listings that meet Outschool's class listing standards

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These sample class listings are designed to introduce new teachers to the Outschool class formats: Courses, Clubs & Enrichment, One-time, and Tutoring & Private lessons. For more information about our class listing requirements, please consult our standards for class listings.


Courses at Outschool are structured learning experiences that follow a curriculum over a series of lessons. They require learning goals and offer one form of evaluation. This information should be outlined in the corresponding section of the class listing. Parents invest a larger amount of time and money into these classes, so it is important to clearly show how the class will be taught and what will happen each week.

Introduction to Basic Science


Enrichment & Clubs

This format provides flexibility for educators to offer standalone topics each week or practice skills over time. Enrichment & Clubs are ideal for recurring classes like language conversation clubs, test prep, book clubs, current event discussions, or gaming groups. The below sample classes are not exhaustive to how an Enrichment & Club can be listed.

When creating a class, think about how you will ensure that all learners feel welcomed into your class who enroll late. Need some tips on how you might do that? Read more here! You must list a minimum of four topics in order to be approved, unless your class is learner-directed or dictated weekly based on current events/happenings.

Let’s Write Paragraphs!

Leap into Creativity: A Frog Watercoloring Class


Tutoring and Private Lessons

Tutoring classes offer live, one-on-one personalized lessons tailored to a learner’s needs or interests. Be sure to describe your teaching style and the topics you’re able to offer.

Middle School Math Tutoring


One-Time Class

One-time classes are a great way for new teachers to get started on Outschool. Because these classes only meet once, the description can be much sparser than that of a longer class, but you'll still want to make clear what students will learn, how they will learn it, and if they must bring any materials to class.

Let’s Bake Cookies (ages 11-14)


Self-paced Learning

Clubs, Courses, and One-Time classes can be set to provide self-paced learning rather than live lessons. In a self-paced class, teachers conduct the class by posting pre-recorded lessons. Because the absence of a live meeting can make self-paced classes less clear-cut than live classes, it is important to be explicit about how students will interact with the material and with you during class.

​Introduction to French (ages 8-12)

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