In this article, we will explain how you can cancel a section and how Outschool automatically cancels sections.

How to cancel your section

We understand that sometimes situations arise that make it impossible to teach a scheduled section with enrolled students. While Outschool will auto-cancel sections with no enrollments in most cases, teachers are responsible for canceling any sections with learners. See below for the cases in which sections will not be canceled. If at all possible, we ask that you cancel your section at least 24 hours before a class is set to start.

  1. Post to the classroom of the section letting parents know why you are canceling. The message that you write here will be sent to all of the parents with enrolled learners, so it's best to provide a good amount of context and potential next steps.

2. Explicitly cancel the section so that future learners cannot enroll. You’ll see that option on the section’s edit page.  The “cancel this section” button will also withdraw all learners and issue refunds to families automatically, so no need to do this separately.  Note that once you cancel the section, learners will not be able to see the classroom page or receive email notifications so it’s important to do these steps in this order.

Please note that setting a section to “private” or deleting the meeting times will not cancel it. If you are canceling an ongoing class, you will need to cancel the meeting by clicking the red x next to the meeting date and time. These actions will not withdraw learners or issue refunds to enrolled families. If you are canceling meeting times for the days following a Sunday morning when subscriptions charge, please manually refund families for the week using the change enrollment button from the Learners tab.

Auto-cancelled sections

Outschool automatically cancels sections with no enrollments 24 hours before the section start time.

For the following cases, Outschool will not cancel sections:

  • Ongoing class sections

  • Sections that teachers un-cancel will not be re-canceled

If your section is auto-canceled, you will receive an email notification with a link to un-cancel the section. If the class is not published, you will not receive an email notification about the auto-canceled section.

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