Great images will make your classes more successful. Your profile photo is featured on all your class listings. Class photos are used to represent the class throughout the site, and when the class is shared on social media. Here are some tips.

Class Images

Image content

  • Choose an image that is visually compelling and relevant to the class topic.

  • If the image includes significant amounts of text, it may receive less promotion

  • Your image should generally be ‘family-friendly’ and appropriate for children

  • Your image should not depict violence, nudity, or symbols of hate

Image format

  • Using the photo picker widget, you can search and select a photo from online, or upload an image from your computer.

  • We ask you to crop your image to a widescreen aspect ratio (1.9:1) - you do this from within the photo picker widget.

  • Your image must be at least 600 pixels wide.

Profile Images

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