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Teaching ESL/EFL Classes on Outschool
Teaching ESL/EFL Classes on Outschool

Guidelines for creating English classes for non-native speakers

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Outschool’s Audience

Although Outschool’s learner population is diverse and international, we have found that the majority of our current learners are native English speakers. That said, as Outschool continues to grow internationally, more and more families are looking to us for their English language learning needs. As with all of our course offerings, Outschool does not provide a set ESL/EFL curriculum; educators would need to develop their class(es) and structure their lessons with their own material. Review our standards for class listings to ensure your course gets approved and published.

Tips for Teaching ESL/EFL


Model for students what they are expected to do or produce:

  • Explain and demonstrate the learning actions

  • Think aloud- verbally share your thought process

  • Share work samples and exemplars of quality work

Non-Verbal Teacher Tools:

Use visuals, sketches, gestures, intonation, and other non-verbal cues to make both language and content more accessible to students.

Check for Understanding:

Frequently check in with your learners. Make sure you give learners an opportunity to ask questions or let you know if they are confused. Empower them to use the chat, emojis, hand gestures, etc. to indicate understanding or any questions.

Instructions & Expectations:

Provide step-by-step instructions and agendas verbally and in writing. This provides a reference point for learners if they are unsure of the expectations.

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