When parents aren’t able to find exactly what they’re looking for, they have the option to submit a new class topic request. As part of the weekly “Your teaching on Outschool” email, you will see a list of the most recent requests submitted by parents. Below we describe the steps you should take if you already offer, or are interested in offering, a class based on one of these requests. 

Existing class

See a new topic request that matches a class you already offer? Let us know! You can do so by replying to the weekly “Your teaching on Outschool” email and including the link to your class. Be sure to also indicate which request your class matches. Once we have that information, we can pass it along to the parent who submitted the request.

New class

If you see a new request for a topic that you are excited about and have expertise in, we encourage you to create a new class! If you click on the “Offer class” link next to the request in the email, the parent who submitted this request will automatically be notified once your new class is approved. If you create a new class at a later time and don’t go directly through that link, let our support team know by following the same steps described above, and then we will contact the parent. 

If you are creating a new class on a topic that is outside of the general subject area of your other Outschool classes, be sure to update your teacher profile to explain your subject area expertise in this new topic. Please note that we will still look for more specific qualifications for any new class on a sensitive topic, as described in our class content policy

If you see a request that you are potentially interested in, but want to have a better idea of what the parent is looking for, let us know! We can send the parent a link to your teacher profile and encourage them to follow up with you directly if they would like to move forward with the request. 

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