We share several metrics at the top of the Teacher Dashboard page. Here is a more detailed explanation of them.

Sections in Progress

This is the number of sections that are currently in-progress, including Ongoing and Flexible Schedule classes. Sections that meet just once are not included in this number.


The number of parents who have followed you. Parents automatically follow when they enroll with you, so this number typically maps closely to the number of parents who have enrolled with you. We promote your new classes and sections to these parents.

Available Classes

The number of published classes that are available for parents to enroll in. This means they must have upcoming sections that still have spaces.

Re-enrollment Rate

The percent of learners who have enrolled with you more than once. Many teachers build their business off of repeat learners.

Average Star Rating

The average rating across all the ratings you have received, on a five point scale. Like most e-commerce sites, ratings on a five-point scale tend to skew high.

Lifetime Earnings

The amount you have received in payouts from Outschool. This counts earnings after they are sent via Paypal.

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