It can be tricky for parents to find the classes they want at the right times, and it can be tough for teachers to know when to offer their classes.  Outschool helps address this challenge in a couple ways.

Schedule requests

Outschool lets parents submit a request for a section to be offered at a particular time. Here are the details of how you can view your requests and how parents are notified when you schedule a new section:

Viewing your schedule requests

  • When a parent submits a schedule request, you will receive an email directing you to the class summary page. The subject line is "New schedule request for (class name)".
  • On the class summary page, you can see a table of all requested times. Scroll down to see individual requests, which include the parent name, the time they requested, and the comment they left. The requests are ordered from newest (top) to oldest (bottom).
  • You can click "Reply" on any individual request to discuss with the parent. This will start a conversation thread.
  • Schedule a new section from the class summary page or by clicking here.

How parents are notified

  • Parents will automatically receive an email any time you schedule a new section that matches their request. The subject line is "New times scheduled for (class name)".
  • This email provides links for parents to delete or update their request if their schedule has changed.
  • The class is also automatically marked as "saved" for the parent, which means their weekly Thursday email (under "New times for your favorites") will highlight new sections even if they don’t match the request.

What happens when you meet a request

  • If a parent enrolls in any section of the class after submitting a request, their request on the class summary page will appear in grey text as "(Name) submitted a request # days ago. (Name) then enrolled in this class # days later."
  • If you create a section based on the parent request but they do not enroll, the request will remain in its original form on the class summary page.

Auto-scheduled sections

Outschool can help you automatically respond to parent schedule requests.  If a parent makes a schedule request, Outschool can automatically create a new section at the requested time, and let the parent enroll.  From the parent's perspective, this lets them request a time and then immediately enroll. Parents must enroll within 24 hours of the auto-scheduled section being created; otherwise the system will remove it.  If you have a flexible schedule, this is a great way to meet the demand for your classes. 

Managing your schedule

To take advantage of this feature, you need to set your schedule availability. You’ll see the option to provide your availability in your account settings, but we also include this option when you first create your teacher profile. 

Note that this availability is for a general week, not a set of specific dates.  If you don't wish to have sections auto-scheduled, you will need to click 'Deselect All' in order to prevent this. 

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