1-on-1: Educator FAQs

Answers to some common questions about Outschool's new course format!

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Scheduling and availability

Q. How does the scheduling work?
A. Parents can book in 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute increments, and this will depend on what the educator sets from the Availability tab. You can also specify the needed buffer time before each class. If you have a 45-minute class with a 15-minute buffer, that would set an entire hour. If they have a 40-minute class, 5 min buffer, that would set 45 minutes. We have heard your feedback regarding the shortcomings of the 15-minute increment limitation and will provide more options in the coming weeks.

Q. Why can’t educators create a 1-on 1 class that meets multiple times a week?
A. You can! As an educator, you get to decide how many times you recommend the 1-on-1 when you set up the class. Parents will see the number of meetings per week they are enrolling in during checkout.

If you would like to work with a learner for a specific amount of time, we suggest you communicate the terms with the family before they register and agree on the meeting amounts. Please note that parents will see a Q&A with additional details on the class page and during checkout. It’s not enforced, so parents will book as they see fit. You are encouraged to keep an open dialogue with new families and set expectations around class scheduling.

Q. Why isn’t my class showing up on my schedule?
A. Since there are no sections for your 1-on-1 listings, classes will not show up on your schedule until a family has enrolled. With the new format, you set specific times when you are available, which families are able to choose from. For example, if you set your calendar so that you are available on Tuesdays from 1 – 5 p.m., your calendar will stay blank until a family chooses a time within that time frame. If a family books a meeting from 2 – 3 p.m., it will appear as a 2 – 3 p.m. session on your schedule.

Q. How does a family book a section?
A. With the new format, there are no more sections. Parents can find the time that works for them and choose if they would like to meet once or on a recurring basis.

Q. How do I know a family has booked a time on my calendar?
A. The class appears on your schedule once a parent books a time. If a 1-on-1 class has no public availability, we show it under the “By Request” tab.

Q. How do parents approve additional classes to the current schedule in the new 1-on-1 system?
A. Parents can accept via email link, or if they log into Outschool, they can go to the class meeting tab. From there, the parents will see the suggested times there and be able to accept or decline. We’re currently working on sharing the changes with the parents so that they understand the changes as well.

Q. If I have a 1-on-1 class set up to meet 2 times per week. What happens if a parent only wants to meet once?
A. Use this opportunity to communicate with families and let them know why your curriculum or lessons require multiple weekly meetings. Parents may not know what the advantages are for meeting more than once, so take this time to highlight your expertise and outcomes teaching this way. If that doesn’t work, you can create a separate listing for a one-time or once-a-week meeting to share with the family.

Q. The family and I mutually canceled a class but now need to add it back in. I’m unable to add it because it meets at 10 after the hour. What do I do?
A. We hear your feedback and understand the inconvenience. Support for this concern is coming soon. For now, parents can reschedule using the 15-minute increments.

Payments and pricing

Q. How do educators get paid with the new 1-on-1 format?
A. The new format payout is similar to ongoing classes. Payments can take up to 14 days and paid out on Sunday. For example, if you teach on a Monday, the payout is sent on the Sunday following the week after your class.

Q. How can I offer different pricing for families?
A. Right now, there isn’t an option to have a different price for different enrollments. Educators who want multiple pricing options should create separate listings, one for each price point and length.

Q. How does the new format affect charter and ESA enrollments?
A. Existing enrollments will not be affected. We’re working on adding support for the new format soon and hope to have it out this fall.

Migration to 1-on-1

Q. What happens if I use a workaround to avoid the migration?
A. As stated above, it is strongly recommended that educators do not use workarounds as that might impact the search visibility of classes, among other potential issues.

Q. What is the guidance for existing enrollments?
A. There is no action needed at this time. Existing enrollments will be migrated as-is.

Q. When will migration happen with organizations?
A. The initial release of the new 1-on-1 format is only available to independent educators. We’re working diligently to finalize this update for organizations, and we expect that update to start rolling out in September. We will communicate the exact timelines in the upcoming weeks.

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