Migrating your classes to 1-on-1
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Everything you need to know about migrating your existing classes to Outschool's new 1-on-1 course format!

What classes are eligible to migrate?

All existing 1:1 classes (Ongoing, multi-week, and one-time) with 1 or no learners enrolled, where the overall class size is set to have a minimum and maximum of 1 learner from the course Edit tab.

Are there any classes that won’t automatically migrate to 1-on-1?

Yes. Any ongoing classes with 2+ meetings a week will not be migrated. Multi week classes are eligible regardless of the number of meetings scheduled per week. Please note as well:

  • FLEX class will not be eligible for migration to the new 1-on-1 format.

  • Organizations will not have this option for the time being.

What will happen to my classes if they don't meet the migration criteria?

You can modify existing classes to reflect the eligibility criteria above, and any classes that are not modified will not be impacted.

What will happen to my existing and upcoming schedule?

All current and upcoming sections with 1 learner enrolled can be migrated to the new 1-on-1 format. Any empty upcoming sections without any enrollments will be converted into availability blocks on your calendar so that new families can enroll during those available times.

As your classes may not all be updated on the same date, you will receive an email for each class that is updated to the new format.

Will parent reviews be migrated?

Yes! All parent reviews will be carried over for courses that are migrated to the new 1-on-1 format.

What about payments? What happens if a learner has already enrolled and paid upfront, or paid weekly?

For non-Ongoing, 1:1 classes where a learner has paid upfront, you will still be paid on the standard payout schedule. This payout should disburse 7-8 days following the first meeting, will cover all scheduled meetings, and the family will not be charged again. Families will only be charged if they choose to add additional meetings beyond the original schedule that migrated over.

For non-ongoing classes with weekly payments enabled, parents will continue to be charged weekly for remaining meetings and you will be paid out the same as before migration.

Is there anything I can do to prepare my Ongoing classes for migration?

For existing Ongoing enrollments, we will carry over existing meetings and convert them to a recurring schedule based on the first meeting time that was scheduled for the section.

For example, if a section was scheduled for Mondays at 5:15PM Pacific, the section will convert to a 5:15PM Pacific recurring 1-on-1 enrollment, with all scheduled meetings carried over.

What do I need to do to get my classes ready?

To prepare your courses for migration, be sure to:

  • Confirm that sections of the courses you would like to carry over meet the criteria above.

  • Make sure your course description from the course Edit tab has a minimum and maximum learner size of 1.

  • Confirm the price of your course is set at your preferred rate. Please note:

    • For English and Math courses, we will increase the price of the course so it reflects the $30/hr rate (e.g. $28 for a 55 min course).

    • Existing enrollments will stay at the same price they were prior to migration (both already scheduled meetings and any new meetings added to the enrollment)

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