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Listing your first class
Listing your first class

Creating a class, requesting listing, and scheduling sections

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This article describes how to create your first class on Outschool.  You will separately need to complete your profile and get approved as a teacher.

OK, now that's out of the way...

Outschool represents each unique learning experience as a class.  Each class can be offered multiple times, and each offered time is called a section. Learners enroll in a specific section of a class.  Ready to get started?

1) Create a class

You create a class without regard to the time or date it's being offered.  Every class has a title, description, and price. We have detailed guidelines on how to make a successful listing, but the summary is this: make your class sound good, look good, and be specific and detailed about the content, the format, and the learning outcomes.

2) Request listing

At first, the class you created is only visible to you.  We call that status 'Not listed' - parents can't find it, and Outschool will not promote it.  The class will stay 'not listed' until you 'request listing' and Outschool manually reviews it.  Once you are happy with how the class looks, click the 'Request Listing' button at the banner on the top.  And remember, we won't list your class until we've approved you as a teacher (look out for an email from us confirming your approved status). Please note that new teachers will need to have one class published before submitting additional classes for review.

3) Schedule sections

Each class can be offered multiple times. We call these sections, and each section has its own schedule and a unique group of learners.  Each section of a class offers the same learning experience, in the same format, at the same price.  But sections have different meeting times, and different groups of learners.  When a learner enrolls, they enroll in a specific section.

You will need to explicitly set the meeting times for each section.  Knowing these details means we can offer calendar integration.

By default, sections are private, meaning they are only discoverable to enroll via direct link. If you wish to offer private classes, work with only set group of students, or other, less common situations, you can keep your section private.

Select public, and the section will show up to prospective parents on your class listing page. Once a section is public, it can receive enrollments from students.

We welcome you to schedule as many sections as your schedule can accommodate, but please note that our system will not allow you to schedule more than 100 sections within a 24-hour period.

4) Respond to questions and get enrollments

Once parents can find your class, they will likely ask you questions.  Please be responsive - this will increase the chance that parents enroll!  You'll be notified each time a learner enrolls.

What next?

If you got this far, you're off to a great start.  Read more about managing sections.

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