Learner Allowance gives your child a budget to request classes they are interested in taking. Parents have final approval of each request including which times to take the class. Choosing their own classes encourages learners to explore topics of interest and have greater ownership over their learning journey.

You are able to set preferences for class times and pricing. Funds never expire, and you can pause the Allowance or withdraw unspent funds at any time. You are also able to set a recurring monthly payment for the Allowance, so your learner always has funds available. Read on for details on setting up and making changes to your Learner Allowance.

Setting up Learner Allowance

To get started, click on Learner Allowance from the upper right drop-down menu on Outschool.com. From here, click on Try Learner Allowance, and select which learner you would like to set up an Allowance for. Note that you’ll need to set up an Allowance individually for each learner. Funds cannot be shared between learners within an account.

Input the dollar amount you want to add to your learner’s Allowance. You can either add a one-time payment or set up monthly billing to continue the Allowance. Follow the prompts to complete your payment, then you’ll see the option to Find their first class to browse requestable classes.

How learners use their Allowance

Once their Allowance is active, your learner can use it to request a class they’re excited about from the Find Classes tab of their learner space. In order to make sure that they’re finding classes with scheduled sections in the next month, learners can request any class type occurring in the next 28 days, as long as it fits the time frames specified on your settings page. Learners can only request classes with an appropriate age range. Please note that Learner Allowance cannot apply to flex classes or Groups at this time.

If your learner requests a class that is more expensive than your Allowance balance, they can still request it and ask that you make up the difference.

Please note that your learner’s request does not guarantee a spot in class. You’ll see available upcoming times or be able to request a new time if none are available upon approval.

Approving and denying class requests

Once your learner submits a request, you'll receive an email with the option to approve or deny the request. You’ll also be able to view requests either by clicking View Request from your homepage or by going to Learner Allowance from the right-hand drop-down menu.

From the Requests tab, click on the requested class, and you’ll see available times to choose from. Approving a specific class time will immediately enroll your learner in the class with funds from the Allowance. If your learner’s Allowance did not cover the full price of the class, you’ll be asked to complete payment for the additional funds.

If you cancel the request, the funds will return to your learner’s Allowance. You can save the class for later and view the class in your Past Requests at any time.

Ongoing Classes

If you accept a request for an Ongoing class, the Allowance payment will cover the first week’s subscription, after which you can choose to charge future subscription payments either to Outschool Credit (if available) or to the card on file. Check the box to confirm. If left unchecked, you will be unsubscribed after your first week of class.

Adjusting Settings

From the Settings tab, click Edit Settings next to the learner whose Allowance you want to adjust. From here, you can add or withdraw funds, set up or stop a recurring monthly payment, set available times and a maximum price for requestable classes, and pause an Allowance.

Pausing an Allowance means that your learner will no longer be able to request classes using their Allowance, but settings and unspent funds will be saved. You can restart the Allowance at any time.

Recurring payments

If you choose to set up a recurring Allowance payment, you’ll be charged immediately for the first month. Funds will be available to your learner immediately; subsequent charges will occur on the 1st of the month to add funds to your balance. You may also set the next billing date as the first of the following month.

Starting a recurring payment later will schedule future payments on the 1st of the month. You set the next billing date for the first of the following month or the first of the month after.

Withdrawing funds

Funds you’ve added to Learner Allowance never expire. If you want to remove Allowance funds that your learner has access to, you can withdraw funds at any time. Withdrawing converts the Allowance funds to Outschool Credit.

Your Outschool Credit balance can be viewed on your Transactions page and can be used towards a purchase of any class on Outschool. Learner Allowance funds can never be refunded directly to your card on file.

Please reach out to Support at Outschool.com/help if you have any questions or concerns!

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