Changing a Class Listing
Guidance for making changes to an approved class listing
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Once your class has been approved for listing, you are welcome to make minor changes that will not fundamentally alter the class content or experience for learners, and will not make your listing in violation of any of our existing policies and standards, especially as it relates to our copyright and trademark guidance.

What can I change without going through the class approvals process again?

Once your class has been approved for listing, you are welcome to make certain changes without resubmitting for approval. These are:

  • Updates to your class price

  • Updates or changes to your class schedule, meeting times, and/or length of class

  • Updates or changes to your class size (review our suggested sizes by age range here)

  • Changes to your class image, provided you have rights to the image and the image meets our policy

  • Minor changes to your age range (i.e., from 5-8 years to 6-10 years of age)

  • Minor changes to your title and summary that provide clarity or might support enrollments, provided you meet our standards for class listings policy

  • Minor changes to your class experience section, such as:

    • Adding weekly themes or focus areas in line with existing approved topics (i.e., adding parrots to a ‘show and tell with pets’ list)

    • Adding content to support the clarity and accuracy of your listing (i.e., class rules, materials needed, order of class topics, structure of the class meeting)

What changes need to be approved before I can re-list the class?

Certain changes need to be approved before you can re-list your class on the platform, to ensure the class continues to meet Outschool’s policies and standards.

  • When fundamentally changing the class experience (i.e., switching from a hip-hop to a yoga class or expanding a history class from 1700-1800 to 1200-2020 instead)

  • When you want to address new sensitive topics or topics that are out of scope (i.e., moving from a history of slavery during the Civil War to an exploration of enslaved descendants’ experiences in present-day America)

  • When you want to add a topic or theme in that you have not previously demonstrated expertise for in the existing class listing

  • When you want to change or add new core sources to your computer, gaming, or coding class listings

  • When you want to change or add new third-party tools that are not on our approved list

  • When you want to add in a kit to run your class

  • When adding additional books to a book club listing that were not included at the time of approval

  • Major changes to your title and summary that fundamentally change the class

  • Major changes to your age range, such as:

    • Changing the target age substantially (i.e., moving from pre-k to middle school age)

    • Adding in the high school age range for a class that didn’t have it previously

If you’d like to see examples of changes that do or do not need approval, check out this blog post!

How do I re-submit my class for approval of major changes?

If you want to make a major change that requires re-approval, you will need to first manually unlist your class. Unlisting your class will prevent new learners from enrolling, but your existing enrollments will not be affected. Then, make the changes you wish, and when you’re ready, re-submit your class for approval.

If you’re ever unsure if you need to unlist and re-submit your class, reach out and ask us by emailing! We’re happy to help and our team will walk you through any questions you have about needing to resubmit.

Classes that are found to have substantial changes made without resubmission for approval may be taken down for a policy violation. Educators who continue to make major changes to classes without following this process may be subject to suspension or removal from the platform.

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