From crochet to coral reefs, learners have a wide range of interests and passions - instead of guessing which of the 100,000 Outschool classes your learner might want to take, you can now include your learner in the process by allowing them to explore and save the classes that most interest them.

How can learners browse classes?

After a learner enters their space on Outschool, they will see a tab to Find Classes:

Learners can browse popular topics, discover classes by the teachers they already know, or shuffle through a sampling of recommended classes we think they will enjoy.

When they see a class that sparks their interest, learners can click on the class to view a detailed description of the course and the teacher. If it seems like a class they want to take, the learner can save it as a favorite:

How do learners view their saved classes?

Once a learner saves a class, it will appear on their Saved Classes tab in their space:

If they want to unfavorite a class, they can click the red heart on the class tile to remove it from the saved classes list.

How can parents and family members view a learner’s saved classes?

You can see the classes that learners on your account have saved on your Favorite classes page. The default view on the page will show you just classes that you have saved, but by clicking the “Saved by” filter you can view classes saved by the different learners on your account:

From there, you can review the classes your learner has selected and decide which classes and times work best for your family.

Which topics and classes are recommended in Class Discovery for Learners?

Every learner is unique, so to help learners sort through the 100,000 classes on Outschool we tailor our recommendations and search results based on our understanding of their interests. These recommendations are based on:

  • Past classes the learner has taken on Outschool

  • Interests indicated by account owners during signup

  • Classes that the learner has saved on Outschool

If you do not wish Outschool to take this information into account when recommending classes to a particular learner, you can disable this feature in your account settings for that learner under Learner Preferences:

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