Learners can search for and favorite classes from their own space. To best showcase your class in a way that appeals to learners, you can add a summary and course video targeted to learners. These will show up in the learner search experience. You can customize your class description separately for learners and adults.

From your teaching dashboard, select the classes tab, and click on the title of the class you want to edit.

From there, click the Edit tab, and scroll down to Learner Summary.

Learners will see this description when choosing classes from their learner space. Be sure to write your description in an engaging and age-appropriate style!

Scroll further down the page to Image and Video, and you can see where to add your Course Video for Learners. Use the device icon to upload directly from your device.

Hit save at the bottom when done uploading. Remember that our max file size for videos is 100MB, and videos should be kept under 90 seconds in length.

This video will appear to learners as they browse classes to select from their space, so be sure to use language and tone that appeals to your age group!

Some additional tips for a great video:

  • Plan what you’re going to say and practice!

  • Use bright, natural lighting to show your face clearly.

  • If learners create or perform something in your class, show it off!

  • Use your Camera app on PC or Quicktime on Mac to record.

  • Use iMovie for Mac and iPhone, or Video Editor for Windows PC to put together multiple clips.

Take a look at some examples of great videos: Four Tips for Creating Engaging, Authentic Videos to Promote Your Courses

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