Outschool has established a nonprofit arm, Outschool.org to provide free classes to U.S. families facing financial hardship. Each family receives $300 in Outschool credit to spend on classes of their choice. While there are no hard eligibility requirements, we expect families to mindfully consider their income levels and needs, allowing funds to reach those most in need. $300 will be available only for as long as there are funds available.

You can register for Financial Assistance here. If you don’t yet have an Outschool account, you will be asked to create one before completing the form. Existing Outschool families who have not yet used Financial Assistance funds can also apply using the same form with their information. Click submit.

Once you’ve confirmed that you are in need of assistance and agree to our terms, your application for Financial Assistance is complete. Our team will reach out via email with your application status within 10 business days.

Once your application is approved, you’ll see a Wallet Balance of $300 on your Transactions page that you can apply toward upcoming classes.

When you enroll in a class with an existing Outschool Credit balance, we’ll show you that information on the enrollment form so that you can confirm funds are applied.

Please note that when enrolling with Financial Assistance funds, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card information for the limited purpose of providing identity verification. Your use of a credit card serves as proof that you are the learner’s parent or guardian. Any refunds received for classes purchased with Outschool Credit, including Financial Assistance funds, will go back to your Outschool Credit balance.

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