What is the Account Management program?

The Account Management program connects a small percentage of educators with a dedicated Outschool team member. Account Managers help educators grow their teaching business by offering solutions or workarounds to issues that may arise, clarifying processes, listening to feedback, and relaying it to the right team at Outschool. They’re thought partners who help unlock new growth opportunities with insights tailored to educators’ professional goals.

Account Management does not provide additional front-line support, class approvals support, or outsourced administrative help.

Why did we create the Account Management program?

Our aim is to provide high volume educators with the support they need to grow their business and foster great educational experiences for their learners. By working closely with a small group of educators, Account Managers at Outschool are able to advocate for tooling, product, and policy changes for all educators, based on what they learn from the teachers they support.

Who is eligible for the Account Management program and how do I know if I qualify?

Eligibility is currently determined by class bookings or growth -- and is limited based on the account management team’s resources. We’re still learning about our capacity, but we monitor for newly eligible educators on a quarterly basis. We’re also experimenting with different ways to provide this benefit to as many educators as possible. If you qualify, you’ll hear from someone via email inviting you to participate.

How long does the program last?

In most cases, if you qualify for Account Management, you can expect the service to be available to you for 12 months from the time of qualification.

If I’m eligible for Account Management, do I need to participate?

Participation in the Account Management program is not required, but we encourage you to participate to get the most out of your Outschool experience!

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