Whether you are looking for classes to replace or supplement your learner(s)’ curriculum, searching for the perfect class schedule can feel overwhelming. Outschool is here to help you save time and make the process easier!

We are now piloting a new tool called Class List. By providing us with some details about your learner’s interests, availability, and preferences, we will generate and send you a comprehensive list of classes specific to your learner—for free! Class List is intended to make the process of evaluating multiple classes across days or the week or subjects a bit easier - and it’s customized for your learner(s)’ interests!

We know families schedule their learners differently - some months in advance, others prefer week to week. Regardless of your approach, Class List is a free tool that can be requested at any time to help you select classes and fill a gap in your schedule.

Request a Class List here!

Q: Will my class list be personalized to my learner?

A: Yes. Your class list is created using the input you provide on the request form. The class list output includes multiple attributes about each class, allowing you to evaluate which classes best meet your learner’s needs.

Q: Can I request class lists for multiple learners?

A: Yes. Please request a class list (and complete the form) for each learner separately.

Q: Is it free to request a Class List?

A: Yes. It is free.

Q: When should I expect to receive my class list?

A: We do our best to send you your class list within 24 hours of requesting.

Q: What is included in my Class List?

A: Your Class List is intended to be a comprehensive list that incorporates both your availability preferences and your learner’s interests, offering you the most relevant classes for your learner.

Q. Will I have a dedicated Outschool Planner to help me?

A: No. Working with dedicated Outschool Planners is not part of this offering. If you’re interested in working one on one with a Planner, please request a custom schedule. Learn more about Planner.

Q: How far in advance can you provide class lists?

A: We can provide you with a class list over any timeframe, and we recommend up to 4 months out. Our Outschool class offering is dynamic, as teachers frequently add new sections, and most teachers schedule classes 8 weeks in advance of class start time. You can request a class list at any time and multiple times per learner to meet your needs.

Q: I love some classes on the Class List you provided me. What should I do?

A: Enroll! Outschool classes fill up quickly. If you find a class you love, please enroll ASAP!

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