Compressing a video for upload

Guide to successfully uploading video to Outschool

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At Outschool, we have a 100MB limit for any video uploaded to our site by users. The most common instances of uploaded videos are:

  1. Application "intro" videos

  2. Teacher profile videos

  3. Class listing videos

  4. Attachments on the classroom page

With most modern recording devices ability to record in 4k/Ultra HD, often times these videos are over the 100MB limit when initially recorded. Because of this, you may experience some difficulty uploading videos to Outschool. While sometimes there are other issues with video uploading, we encourage you to avoid issue by reducing the size of your video by compressing it.

We recommend using Handbrake for resizing, a free, light-weight app that can be installed on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  1. Download Handbrake here

  2. Open Handbrake and select your Video file from the dropdown that pops up automatically

3. Click on "Video":


4. Click on the dropdown next to "Preset:" and then select Vimeo YouTube 720p30:


5. Click the Start button at the top of the page:


6. Your new video will now begin converting and should finish within a few minutes.

7. Be sure to note where the new file downloads on your device, likely your downloads folder. Upload this new, compressed file to Outschool, using our video uploader on any relevant page.

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