After your learner has completed a class in full or withdrawn, you’ll have up to 30 days after the class ends to leave a public review for that class and teacher. You’ll be prompted to do so several times by email and within your Outschool account.

For an Ongoing class, you can leave feedback after one week of completing class, and you’ll be prompted to review it after three completed weeks.

Complete the steps below to leave your review.

  1. Navigate to the Transcripts section of your account, from the upper right drop-down menu.

  2. Under the class name, you'll see a "Give feedback" button, which you can use to leave your review.

If you need to change your review, you can go back to your Transcripts section, where you will see an option to edit your feedback. You can make any changes to your feedback within the 30 day review period.

Give feedback for class

Before submitting your review, please read through our Authentic reviews policy for tips and tricks on leaving valuable feedback for the Outschool community!

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