How do I get started?

Please get started by creating your free Outschool account with an email and password. Click the Login or Join for Free buttons from Once you’ve created your account, use the Find Classes button to search for classes based on your preferred subject, format, length, timing, and age range. When you see a class you’re excited about, read through the listing carefully to understand timing, format, pricing, supplies needed, etc. Enroll in class and pay with your credit card using the Enroll button.

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll see the upcoming class on your Learner Schedule. Click on the course title to see the Classroom. Here you can see updates from the teacher, message the teacher, or make changes to your enrollment, such as withdrawing, transferring, or requesting a refund.

When it’s time for class to begin, use the green Join Live Meeting button from the Classroom to launch Zoom. No Meeting ID or Password required.

If you need any help, please reach out to our support team by clicking the Help button on the top right of any Outschool page.

Additional support choosing classes:

If you need help selecting classes, consider requesting a free Class List. The Outschool Class List is a comprehensive list of classes that meets your learner’s interests, availability, and other preferences. By providing us with some basic information, we can generate and send you a customized list of classes for your learner.

If you’re looking for additional support in creating a schedule for your learner, you can request a custom Outschool Schedule. Our expert Planner team will work closely with you to select the best classes for your learner(s), combining them into a compelling customized schedule. Custom schedules are free if you plan to enroll in $100 worth of class over the next 30 days. Otherwise, you will be charged a $20 custom schedule fee.

Intro to Outschool Webinar:

If you're new to Outschool, we now offer a free introductory webinar for parents to learn all the basics of Outschool, including how to find the right class, how to use Zoom during class, how to successfully prepare for class, and more.

Sign up for an upcoming Intro to Outschool webinar on Zoom. You'll see a drop-down menu next to Time where you can select your preferred upcoming time and register.

We value any feedback you provide after the webinar!

Are my kids safe at Outschool?

Learner safety is our top priority at Outschool. We safeguard our community in a variety of ways, ensuring learner and parent security and privacy while promoting quality instruction. We encourage you to read through this Learner Safety and Privacy article from our Help Center to learn more. Our Support team is always here to help if you have questions.

Can my child attend class without their video/audio enabled?

While we encourage learners to enable audio/video throughout class for a more interactive and social class experience, it is not required. To promote classroom safety, we verify that each learner joining class is indeed a child. Make sure your learner connects with each new teacher at least once with video enabled to allow the teacher to confirm your learner’s identity. This can be a quick check-in at the beginning of the first class meeting, then video can be off for the remainder of class.

If you prefer not to enable video for any reason or do not have access to a webcam, you may verify your learners prior to class by emailing Read more about our learner verification policy.

Can Outschool classes count for credit at my school?

Yes, Outschool classes may be available for credit, depending on your school’s policies and procedures regarding credit for external classes. We recommend reaching out to your school administrators regarding a specific class you might be looking to use for credit.

How does Outschool handle time zones?

Outschool displays all times across the website in your local timezone. This includes class times, schedule request times, and Classroom post times, among others. We determine your time zone from the timezone of your web browser. You can override that by setting your location on your account settings page. Read more about how Outschool handles timezones.

Can I sync my calendar to Outschool?

Yes, we recommend it! Read all about subscribing to class calendars. If you ever run into an issue with calendar syncing, please reach out to our support team from the help button at the top right of any Outschool page.

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