How do I assess what my learner needs or would enjoy?

Every learner is different, and we believe you know your learner best! Think about the subjects they gravitate towards in school, what makes them happy at home and outside of school, and where they could use some additional support. Our team posts helpful guidance for parents regularly on the Outschool blog.

I'm just getting started with homeschooling. Can you offer some advice?

We recognize, and celebrate, the breadth of education philosophies represented in the Outschool community. We encourage you to assess your family’s schooling needs and try out different approaches. Check out the Outschool Blog to hear more family’s schooling stories or follow us on Instagram to get some fresh ideas. While we don’t offer consulting services, the support team is happy to help with any questions! Click the “Help” button at the top right of the page.

I’d like to connect with other Outschool parents.

Fantastic! We’d love to help you connect with other parents. Below are a couple ways.

  • Join the Outschool Online Learning Community on Facebook, a discussion group for families and teachers.

  • Follow Outschool on Instagram at @Outschool

  • On the “For Parents” tab of the Classroom once you enroll in a class, you’ll see an option to send other parents in class a message:

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