We know many families are looking to replace or supplement their traditional school curriculum, while others may be looking to develop a more holistic learning solution for their learners. In either case, Outschool is here to help you save time and make the process of developing a personalized learning solution easier!

Our dedicated Outschool planning team will guide families through the process of selecting the classes and combining them into a customized schedule that meets your learner’s needs. By providing us with information about your learner’s interests, availability, and preferences, our team will work with you to create a personalized schedule just for you!

Request a custom schedule here!

Q: Will my schedule be personalized to my learner?

A: Yes. Our team takes the input you provide on the request form to build a schedule specifically for your learner.

Q: Can I request schedules for multiple learners?

A: Yes. Please request a schedule (and complete the form) for each learner separately.

Q: Will I have a dedicated Planner to help me?

A: Yes. After requesting a custom schedule, you will work with a dedicated Planner who will guide you through the schedule creation process of selecting classes and combining them into a schedule. Our planners will use the detailed information you provide when requesting a schedule and communicate with you over email during the process.

Q: How far in advance can you provide class schedules?

A: We can help you with a schedule for any timeframe, however, we recommend planning 1- 4 months out. Our class list is dynamic, as teachers are always adding new sections and most teachers schedule classes 8 weeks in advance of class start time. You can request a schedule at any time as your scheduling needs evolve.

Q: I would like to add 1 or 2 classes for my learner? Do you recommend a schedule for this request?

A: If you are just looking for 1 or 2 classes, we’d recommend you visit our Find Classes page or request a Class List. The scheduling service is intended to support those families looking to develop multi-class schedules.

Q: How much does a custom Schedule cost?

A: It is free to request a custom schedule if you plan to enroll in $100 of classes over the next 30 days. Otherwise, we charge you a $20 custom schedule fee. Families enrolled in Outschool’s financial assistance program will not be charged.

Q: When should I expect to receive my schedule?

A: Once you submit your request for an Outschool schedule, you should hear from your planner within 1-2 days. The time to select classes and create the schedule is driven by the responsiveness of the families we are working with. We strive to create schedules within 48-72 hours, as we know our families are eager to have their schedule complete so they can enroll their learners.

Q: When can my schedule start?

A: We recommend schedules begin at least 7-10 days from the form submission date to ensure classes are open and available for Learners to enroll in.

Q: If I love my schedule, should I enroll right away?

A: Yes, as Outschool classes fill up quickly. If you find a class or schedule you love, please enroll ASAP! Classes on your schedule may fill up if you delay.

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