We know many families may be scrambling to replace, or supplement, their traditional school curriculum, while others may be looking to develop compelling learning solutions for your children. In either case, Outschool is here to help you save time and make the process of developing a personalized learning solution easier!

Our dedicated Outschool planning team is ready to work with families who are interested in trying out this new, free service. By supplying information about your learner’s goals, interests and availability, our team can create a personalized schedule just for you!

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Q: Will my schedule be personalized to my learner?

A: Yes. Our team takes the input you provide on the request form to build a schedule specifically for your learner.

Q. Can I request schedules for multiple learners?

A: Yes. Please request a schedule (and complete the form) for each learner separately.

Q: How far in advance can you provide class schedules?

A: We can help you with a schedule for any timeframe, however we recommend planning 1-3 months out. Our class list is dynamic, as teachers are always adding new sections and most teachers schedule classes 8 weeks in advance of class start time. You can continue to use our scheduling service throughout the school year :)

Q: Can you help me select a class for my learner?

A: If you are just looking for 1 or 2 classes, we’d recommend you visit our Find Classes page. The scheduling service is intended to support those families looking to develop multi-class schedules

Q; Is the service free?

A: Yes, the service is free to help all current and prospective Outschool families looking to develop multi-course schedules for their learners.

Q: If I love my schedule, should I enroll right away?

A: Yes, as Outschool classes fill up quickly. If you find a class or schedule you love, please enroll ASAP! Classes on your schedule may fill up if you delay.

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