Program overview

Outschool established a non-profit wing in the spring of 2020 to help families affected by U.S. public school closures. Through the Financial Assistance program, we are able to provide $300 USD worth of classes to qualifying families, and have so far provided more than $1 million USD in classes throughout the program’s existence.

While classes are free or discounted for these parents, teachers are still paid their regular class rates. Funding for this program has come from a combination of Outschool funds and gifts from donors, not from teacher payments. We want to make sure that we’re continuing to compensate our teachers for their hard work, especially in these trying times.

See additional information on what this program looks like for families, and how they can register.

Information about teacher discounts

Because many new families join Outschool through the Financial Assistance program, it may be a good idea to confirm with the family whether they came in through this program before issuing any teacher discounts: families who enroll via this program will not receive a discount, so only your teacher pay would be affected in this case. Otherwise, enrollments made with financial assistance funds function the same as all other Outschool enrollments.

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