Throughout the year, Outschool marketing educates parents about different formats available. In this article, we will share advice about seasonal trends and campaigns we are currently running.

Below are some tips about class types that might work well this season:

Semester-long Courses

For your classes to be highlighted in the Semester grid, they must meet the following criteria: (1) run semester long (8+ weeks), (2) be taught in a live format, (3) have sections scheduled starting between January and May, and (4) be on academic topics that would typically be deemed "core". These could fall under traditional categories such as science, math, language arts, world languages, and social studies, but we would also accept “modern skills” classes such as coding.

Summer Camp Classes

To have your class listed on the “Summer Camps” browse page, your class must meet the following requirements: 

  • Meets 3 or more times within one week, and must be live format  
  • Sections start within the May 2020 - August 2020 timeframe 

After School or Weekend Clubs

To highlight more options after school or on the weekends, we suggest creating a weekly “ongoing” club options. This allows more learners to connect with teachers and peers over unique interests!

Even if you do not plan to offer a class that fits one of those specifications, we’d encourage you to schedule sections during these time periods. We expect that all classes will benefit from increased traffic during this time.

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