Outschool is an online marketplace and teachers offer a wide variety of classes to learners all across the world. If you are interested in teaching classes targeted at English as a Second Language (ESL) learners, please make sure that you are familiar with how Outschool is different from other platforms that specifically focus on ESL classes.   

Outschool’s Audience

We are a U.S. based company: though our learner population is diverse and international, we have found that the majority of our current learners are native English speakers. While this could change over time, we would like to emphasize that there isn’t currently a huge market on Outschool for ESL classes. Parents come to Outschool in search of core academic subjects, interest-based hobbies, or even a blend of the two. 

Guidelines for Classes

Outschool teachers are expected to offer classes based on the areas in which they have expertise, but our most successful teachers offer classes on topics they are truly passionate about and excited to teach!  You are welcome to offer ESL classes, provided that the requirements described in this paragraph are met.

  • As an Outschool teacher, you are responsible for choosing or creating your own curriculum to use during your classes. 

  • When you create a class, you should feel confident in your ability to structure it in a way that adheres to our standards for class listings and that sets your learners up for success. 

  • Additionally, we suggest that you check out our teacher profile video guidelines and keep these in mind as you record your teacher profile video.

For more general information on how to get started with teaching on Outschool, please refer to the articles linked below:  

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