Unable to find a class that’s the right fit for your learner? Or is your learner interested in a topic that isn’t currently offered on Outschool? Let us know and we will see if any of our teachers are able to create a new class to meet your learner’s needs!

If you scroll to the bottom of our home page while logged in to your Outschool account, you can click on the “Request a class” button to submit your new class topic request. Before you do so, please read through the guidelines below to ensure that your request includes the necessary information and is in the correct format. 

Guidelines for new topic requests

  • Objective, secular and age-appropriate (see class content policy)
  • As specific and detailed as possible
  • Explained in a maximum of two sentences 
  • If looking for a certain time of day, include your timezone 
  • Not a list of several, unrelated subjects

If an existing or new class is offered based on your request, we’ll reach out to you directly with the class link.  

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