Outschool teachers are also learners.  They face questions like:  

  • How should teaching methods be adapted for group video chat, as opposed to a brick-and-mortar classroom?  
  • How is classroom management different when it's online?  
  • What are effective ways to use screen sharing and annotation?  
  • How do your favorite lesson plans need to change?  What new lesson plans are possible? 

The best resources to help explore these questions are other teachers.  Outschool provides several ways for teachers to support each other as peers.

Professional development groups

For teachers who are new to Outschool:
Outschool Rookies Improving Together

For teachers who are experienced with Outschool as a platform:
Outschool Veteran Teachers Improving Together

Facebook Group

The teacher group on Facebook is a great resource for tips and advice.  Please search for your question before starting a new thread.  Outschool Teachers group on Facebook

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