Here's a collection of tips to help you get the most from Outschool, and to be a great member of the Outschool community.

Offering Classes

  • Offer classes that reflect your personal interests, experience, and expertise.  Bring your own personal style and approach to classic topics.

  • Offering several one-time classes is a great way to get reviews and build up your profile.

  • Observe Outschool’s class content policy of offering objective and secular classes.

  • Set expectations - let the parents and learners know exactly what they’re getting.

  • Respond to parent and learner inquiries promptly.

  • Don't over-schedule yourself! Remember that classes will go better if you plan a break between hours of classes, and enough flexibility to reschedule classes when illness or other interruptions occur.

Teaching Classes

  • Practice using Zoom and practice your classes so you'll deliver a great live class experience.

  • Run live meetings in a fixed location with a reliable internet connection. Have a professional, kid-friendly background, and have good lighting.

  • Start and end on time.  In case the lesson goes quicker than expected, have extra material ready.

  • In the first meeting with a new group, set behavior expectations and have the learners introduce themselves.

  • Manage classroom behavior.  Don’t let individual students disrupt or dominate a live meeting.

  • If you need to cancel the class, give the parent advance warning and cancel at least 1 day in advance. 

  • Make classes as interactive as possible.

  • If you’ll miss a class meeting, give advance notice, and offer a make up session. For classes running 8+ weeks, schedule a makeup session as part of the schedule.

  • Be yourself and smile. 😁

Working with parents and learners

  • Be kind, professional, and respectful.

  • Keep communication and transactions on Outschool. 

  • Adapt your classes to the needs of the enrolled learners. Accommodate special needs to the extent you are able.

  • Provide a fair and positive experience for learners.

Working with Outschool

  • Consult the Outschool help center or Outschool support about our policies; other teachers may not be up-to-date.

  • Tell Outschool Support about any incidents, whether in class or out of class. Learn more about your role in Learner Safety and Privacy.

  • Share questions, ideas, and constructive criticism. 

  • Help maintain the integrity of the review system by following our policies to ensure reviews are authentic.  

If you have suggestions to add to this list, please share them with us!

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