Our goal is to deliver great learning experiences. We do that in part by featuring great teachers and classes, and in part by helping families choose the classes that are right for them. Time and again, we have seen that one learner may love a class, while another hates it. One kid's favorite teacher is another kid's least favorite. So our goal is to ensure a high standard for classes on Outschool, while recognizing that individual opinions will vary widely about any particular teacher or class.

Here are some of the things we do to promote great learning experiences.

Teacher screening

  • We review the professional background and education of all teachers and select for those who have teaching experience, subject matter expertise, or a unique passion they want to share with young learners.

  • We ensure that teachers have the technical skills to successfully run online classes.  

  • We provide training for new teachers.

Teacher training

  • We watch class recordings and share suggestions with teachers on how to improve.

  • We offer professional development workshops for teacher peer support.

  • We offer additional training resources on the Teacher Training Center and Teacher Resource Center.

Finding the right teacher

  • We offer an authentic review system that helps guide parents towards the right classes for them.

  • We feature teacher profiles that include video intros and make it easy to see the range of a teacher's offerings.


  • We monitor teacher review scores, attendance, and responsiveness to messages.

  • We investigate reports of bad behavior and take actions as appropriate.

  • We may limit a teacher's activity or ultimately remove them from Outschool.

  • We will warn or remove learners who disrupt classes for others.


  • We enforce a set of community standards that set high-level expectations for teachers and parents.

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