Your teacher profile introduces you to parents and learners. It should use a professional tone. It will show up on your classes, and serves as your personal teacher page.  Having a great profile will give parents more confidence to sign up for your classes.

Basic Info

  • Name: Your name on Outschool does not need to be your full name, but it should be some variant of your legal name. It should not include any details about your services or qualifications aside from standard suffixes like 'PhD', 'MA', or similar. Please note that there is a 30 character restriction for this field.

  • Headline: A short phrase that describes you as a teacher, eg 'Former High School Chemistry Teacher'

  • Country: You can optionally choose to share your country of residence on your profile. This helps shape your story with learners about where you're from.

  • Photo: This should be of you, and include a clear view of your face. Read more about Teacher Profile Picture Guidelines.

  • About me: A paragraph that describes your background, experience, and interests.  This should be 100-200 words in length. This should be free of spelling or grammatical errors.

  • URL: Your teacher profile URL is a unique link that leads to your profile.  You can request a custom link, if you would like.  This link should contain your full name or a variant of your legal name.  

Profile Video

Your video should meet these standards.

  • Content: introduce yourself, and describe your teaching background and interests

  • Setting: be located in a professional location, like a home office.

  • Audio: the video should be free of background noise, and your voice should be clearly heard

  • Lighting: your face should be illuminated, and the video should not be back-lit. Don't sit in front of a window or other bright light.

For more tips about how to create a great profile video, check out this article.


We use this information for a feature called auto-scheduling. Based on your availability, we may automatically create new sections for parents to enroll in.  You can choose to disable this feature by clearing your availability and then saving.

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