Reviews are a critical tool in helping parents decide which classes are right for them, and in sharing feedback with teachers. 

Authentic reviews

At Outschool, all of our reviews are from families who have actually taken the class. This is unlike many other educational sites that offer 'testimonials' that may or may not come from real customers.  Our policy is to not alter parent reviews; instead, parents can update their reviews, and teachers can respond to reviews.  

Tips for Parents

  • Make sure to leave a written public comment, which is what other parents find most useful.  
  • Write reviews that are honest, polite, and constructive. 
  • Provide examples about what you liked and disliked in the class.  
  • For privacy reasons, photos should not include screenshots of any classroom posts, private learner messages, or private parent messages.
  • If you are not happy with the class, explain why and be as specific as possible.  
  • You can edit your review for up to a month after the class ends

Tips for Teachers

  • If you have questions about a parent's review, send them a private message.
  • If you want to thank a parent or dispute a review, you can leave a public response to each review
  • If you get a bad review, remember that even the most popular teachers get occasional bad reviews, and it hasn't affected their success on Outschool.  
  • If you’re dissatisfied with your ratings, do not attempt to artificially inflate them. Examples of this might be: giving substantial discounts for positive reviews, enrolling friends/family to leave reviews, removing students preemptively who have left other teachers low reviews, etc. Such actions could result in restriction or removal
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