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How and when to schedule sections

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Many teachers ask us the best times to offer classes.  As a teacher on Outschool, you set your own schedule, and you can create sections at the times that work best for you.

Choosing your own times

We recommend that you generally have at least two upcoming sections for each class. This makes it more likely parents will be able to enroll in your class. It also helps us promote your class more easily. If parents don’t see a time that works for them, they can still request a different time from you

Daily updated recommendations

Every day, we have an automated program that looks at recent searches and upcoming supply, and computes the times where there is the greatest opportunity for new classes.  These are times where there is relatively more demand and relatively less supply.  Since this information is updated daily, you'll need to view it on our website.

General demand patterns

Most Outschool learners are based in the US, and they are available to take classes during the school day. That said, we have a growing number of learners seeking classes in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends - and learners who are based around the world who have different schedule constraints.

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