Outschool is focused on small-group classes. There are lots of tutoring services, and Outschool is not just another tutor listing site.  However, learners often want extra support with an ongoing course, or want to continue a course with private lessons. Outschool supports tutoring in the case that active Outschool teachers also want to offer tutoring services.

Teachers who have completed at least one section of a live, group class may also offer tutoring.

How to offer tutoring services

Outschool handles tutoring with a separate tutoring class per teacher, which has a private section for each student for each tutoring purchase.

If you wish to offer tutoring, you should: 

  • create a new class called 'Individual tutoring'  
  • set the min and max class size to 1
  • set the frequency and meeting length to either 1 hour or for a series of meeting, and set the price appropriately for the tutoring package
  • request listing

When you agree with a parent to offer tutoring, create a private section at the agreed-upon time.

  • create a new section
  • add a meeting or meetings for the agreed times
  • keep the section set to 'private' status
  • send the link to the private section to the parent so they can enroll

To send the section link to parents, you should copy-paste the URL that says 'View' in the class summary page:

It's important to copy-paste the 'View' link, because otherwise parents will not be able to see the private section.

And let us know if you have additional questions about how to manage these classes!

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