While Outschool is primarily focused on small group classes, we also offer one-to-one classes as another option for interested Outschool families. Some families use the one-to-one model for extra support with an existing course, while others are hoping to continue a class after it ends via private sessions, or are simply looking for a personalized experience in a more private setting. One-to-one classes are great for individualized learning experiences, mentorship, tutoring, music lessons, and more!

How to offer one-to-one classes

​If you wish to offer a one-to-one class, go through the steps for listing your class as normal, but be sure to set the min and max class size to 1. Be specific in your class listing about the content you are offering tutoring for. Unlike group classes on Outschool, one-to-one classes do not have narrow age range requirements; you can select any ages you’re interested in working with, allowing you to create a single one-to-one listing for all age groups, provided you clearly list the specific teacher expertise you have in each age group that you wish to teach.

Creating private sections

If you are looking to create a private one-to-one section for a learner with whom you have already established a relationship in another class, here’s how to do so:

When you agree with a parent to offer your one-to-one experience, create a private section at the agreed-upon time.

  • Create a new section.

  • Add a meeting or meetings for the agreed times.

  • Keep the section set to 'private' status.

  • Send the link to the private section to the parent so they can enroll.

To send the section link to parents, you should copy-paste the URL that says 'View' in the class summary page:

​It's important to copy-paste the 'View' link, because otherwise parents will not be able to see the private section.

Working with families in one-to-one classes

Please try to be accommodating when a learner cannot attend a one-to-one class, as emergencies and conflicts come up. Unlike with group classes, learners do not have the option of viewing a recording to make up the class. We recommend you offer a make-up time or refund to the family in these cases.

Please let us know if you have additional questions about how to manage these classes!

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