The vast majority of Outschool classes include scheduled live meetings using our video classroom. We also offer the option to create flexible schedule classes, which do not rely on live meetings. Instead, students and teachers conduct class asynchronously through the use of pre-recorded lessons, Outschool's Classroom page, assignments, and other resources. 

Even though flexible schedule classes do not meet live, we still require these classes to maintain a high level of interactivity. We want to ensure that students are given a rich learning experience, and not left to learn content on their own. Here, we'll outline some frequently asked questions about flexible schedule classes and provide you with some tips to make yours great! Please note that you must have taught at least one section of a live class in order to list a flexible schedule class.

How do I set up a flexible schedule class on Outschool?
When selecting the number of meetings, you should select '0.' The class duration can be as long as you would like. You should mention in your description that this course does not include live meetings so that it's clear to parents that there won't be a set class time as with other Outschool classes. If this class is a flexible schedule version of a class you also offer live, you should also put the keyword 'flexible schedule' in your class title. Flexible schedule classes must be at least four weeks so that students are able to work on the course material at their own pace. It is necessary to include in your class listing how often you will provide feedback to students so that parents are aware of class expectations.

How do I provide a high level of interaction even though I won't be meeting students face-to-face?
Even though flexible schedule classes don't meet live, they still involve a high level of interaction.  It is not sufficient to offer content and then be available for questions.  Teachers can structure interaction by having required homework assignments or discussion questions. You can use the Classroom page, blogs, and other interactive tools like Google Classroom, Nearpod, Peardeck and so on. The most successful flex classes will require students to interact with each other, not just the teacher. You must explicitly note in your class description how this interaction will take place.

How do I handle refunds for flex classes?
Refunds are at a teacher's discretion. Since these classes do not involve live meetings, it can be easiest to offer a pro-rated refund based on time elapsed in the course.

Can flex classes make use of live meetings?
Yes, some flexible schedule classes do make use of live meetings. Some teachers arrange 'office hours' with their learners depending on need. Some classes also include optional group video chats that are arranged on a weekly basis, as opposed to being scheduled in advance.

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